Today we will do a scrapbook session on Elijah sommerz below will be the scrapbook.


Entrepreneur Elijah Sommerz

Origin: Canada, Micmac Heritage Jamaican & Grenadian-Heritage Background

Source of Wealth: Entrepreneur & Businessman, Talent Manager

Birth name: Robert Vernon

Born on: December 22, 1991

Labels: J stone Management Group & co -2016 Present – (Affirmation-Record Label -undisclosed – Joint venture Based 2019)

Genres: Hip-Hop, pop/R&B music, Hard-core Rap

Birthplace: Toronto, Ontario.

Profession: Modern Canadian Entrepreneur, Businessman, Songwriter, Actor,


Elijah sommerz has also furthered embarked on a career as a Full-Time Real Estate Portfolio location Investment Investor and Entrepreneur & businessman as well as an inspiring musician & Talent Manager

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Entrepreneur Ratings:

Highest Rating:(86%) J stone Management Group & co (2016-Present Affirmation-Record Label

Lowest Rating: (56%) - Elijah sommerz is currently the vice chair-man of an online streaming corporation Called Worldwide Entertainment TV (WWETV->

Birthday: DEC 22, 1991

Birthplace: Toronto, Ca

The Toronto native is the next generation of talents from Toronto,Canada , Elijah sommerz overall mission is to, build a Future for the new generation that will after come our generation I fulfill To take the oath of a multi-Talented Person with my personal Teachings, and Degrees of Education I have been truly inspired to help others and to also be a servant-leader, Dedicating my life in the service to help grow others I hope to reflect upon them as a leader of Great teachings and understandings and as one that is a Testament to Never Give up on their dreams . -Elijah sommerz -Robert Vernon